GAME's Volunteer Program has been designed to help the neediest. Our task is to offer you the opportunity to develop your skills and abilities, sharing your time with people from all over the world. Our main objective with this program is to create a communication channel between youth willing to lend a hand, free of charge, to street children and non-profit, social, medical and environmental organizations that do not have much funding.


       The principle projects and organizations with which we work are:

• Education and playtime with low-income children (Cenit)
• Help to and care of orphans (San Vicente de Paul)
• Education and attention to street and shoe-shine children (Muchachos Solidarios)
• Tutoring (Jardín de infantes Sueños de Alfred)
• Teaching of English, computing (Centro de Recuperación Escolar Emilio Uzcátegui)
• Manual arts workshops (Centro de Recuperación Escolar Emilio Uzcátegui)
• Medical attention to low-income communities.

       All programs are voluntary placements. You only have to pay $20 USD enrollment fee to participate, with the exception of Cenit which charges an $80 USD fee directly. If you wish, you may make voluntary contributions to the institutions, such as teaching materials, material aid, cleaning materials or other needs of the foundation.

       Be part of this family and enrich your spirit through giving!
       We await your presence and application.

       In the area of VOLUNTEER PROGRAMS, we have two types of projects:

       Social - Community Project and Cultural Exchange

       The experience of living with an Ecuadorian family in Quito or in our volunteers' house, or in an indigenous community in the jungle or Ecuadorian highlands.

       Throughout his/her work, the volunteer should join the various programs of English classes, computer, education, theater, music, art, painting and recreation for children in different centers with which we maintain agreement, such as:
Cenit, Muchachos Solidarios, Jardín de Infantes Sueños de Alfred (nursery school), Orfanato San Vicente de Paul (orphanage), Centro de Recuperación Escolar Emilio Uzcátegui), Sierra Flor in Lasso, Ahuana in Riobamba, Jatún Yacu in the jungle, and in some cases we have positions available in the Galapagos Islands. This program is open to the general public.

       Specialized or Pre-Professional Practicum:

       Medical, environmental, disabled persons. We offer positions to foreign students who wish to do their internships or pre-professional practicum in Quito, in different disciplines like education, special education, art, languages and more. Consult us about availability.


1.-Fill out the on-line registration form before your arrival, in order to coordinate both availability with the organization and housing.
2.-Visit the potential support centers.
3.-Sign the agreements and/or contract once chosen. (Once decided upon, projects may not be changed)
4.-Reading of the internal regulations.
5.-Introduction to the city and recommendations.
6.-Presentation to your workplace and coordinator.
7.-Permanent assistance during your work.
8.-Evaluation and delivery of a certicate, upon finalizing your practicum.

       We invite you not only to participate but to leave prints, working with dedication, commitment and contribution to improving the quality of life of our children and society.

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