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     GRUPO GAME is a dream project of its creator, Katiuska Gallegos. After being a volunteer, she perceived several needs that her colleagues had. Thus GRUPO GAME was born in 2003, with the objective to provide information to all who wish to travel to ECUADOR, whether for social-community tourism, volunteering, pre-professional practicum, cultural exchange or simply to live in Quito. In this way, it becomes a self-sustaining, sustainable and environmentally responsible project.


        We offer all services, according to the needs of those who visit us. Four important ones are:

1.     Trips within Ecuador

2.     Spanish classes

3.     Lodging options in Quito Homestay

4.     Volunteer, pre-professional practicum and cultural exchange programs

      As such, we have: Advice on travel within the country; tours to the jungle, Cotopaxi or Galapagos; Spanish classes; salsa classes; various lodging options, such as in our volunteers' house, with Ecuadorian host families or independent mini-suite apartments; volunteer, cultural exchange and specialized pre-professional practicum in different disciplines; advice about volunteer visas; 24-hour, personalized assistance, in case of emergency; and many other services to help not only volunteers, but also students, travelers and friends have an unforgettable experience. Our service ranges from the start, during and after your time in Ecuador. Although we can provide all types of support, this does not mean that people should not be autonomous.

       Come to GRUPO GAME and you will find not only a space for you, but also friends in whom you can trust and build friendships that endure over time.

       If you decide to spend your time with us, you will not regret choosing us as the best choice in Quito! Again, thank you for trusting us, and WELCOME TO GRUPO GAME!

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